Zulay (8 Pack) Long 32 inch Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Extendable Design - Stainless Steel Smores Skewers For Camping, Bonfire, Fireplace - Extendable & Retractible Telescoping Marshmallow Sticks

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Brand: Zulay Kitchen

Color: 8 Pack


  • Premium Quality, Perfect For Bonfires: Take camping to the next level! These Telescopic Marshmallow Roasting Sticks are made of non-toxic heat-treated 304 Stainless Steel. The rods and tubes are arc-welded in place with a prong distance of 3.5 inches for optimal roasting. Built with a heat-resistant finely polished wood handle with a plastic end to hold the metal so it does not get warm all the way.
  • Ergonomic Kid-friendly Design: These stainless steel NON-SHARP forks have an extendable and collapsible feature that could be stretched up to 32 inches, 3x by its original length of 12 inches to keep you and your child away from the fire as your food is roasting away on the other end. Perfect s'mores, sausages, hot dog, barbecue or wieners plus a comfortable wooden handle for a firm and steady grip.
  • Color Coordinated Feature: The Zulay Telescopic Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Bundle comes with 8 Pieces of color-coordinated forks that are attractive, easier to handle, and durable enough to last for all your outdoor adventures. Now, you don’t have to worry about your kids fighting over roasting time, they will have a stick of their own as it comes with 8 bright and lively colors that they can choose from.
  • Easy To Clean & Store: Cleaning up marshmallow goo has never been this easy. Yes, these stainless steel telescope skewers are dishwasher friendly! They are lightweight and come with a black polyester drawstring bag for quick and easy stuff storage. They are reusable and zero waste. No need to throw away after when s’more time is over!
  • No Hassle, Zulay Guarantee: We love and take pride in our Telescopic Marshmallow Roasting Sticks and we back this up with a lifetime guarantee. Have the confidence that this product will last, if there are ever any issues, just contact us and we will make it right. Order now and be assured that this product will live up to your expectations, guaranteed. If it does not, we got you covered. Chances are, you will never need to reach out.

model number: Telescopic Marshmallow Sticks


Details: Premium Quality, Perfect For Bonfires Made with non-toxic heat-treated 304 Stainless Steel Extendable and collapsible feature 0.75 inches prong distance for the best roasting result Finely polished wood handle Smore toasting campfire cooking equipment Ergonomic Kid-Friendly Design Stainless steel non-sharp fork or smores kit Can be extended up to 32 inches, 3x by its original length of 12 inches 360 degrees rotating feature Comfortable wooden handle for firm and steady grip Color Coordinated Feature Comes with 8 Pieces of color-coordinated forks Bright and lively roasters colors Marshmallows roaster equipment for indoor or backyard bonfire  Easy To Clean & Store Dishwasher friendly telescoping utensils Light-weight and easy to pack camp fire stick Comes with a black polyester drawstring bag for quick and easy storage Reusable and zero waste retractable tongs Can be used as firepit smores kit, smore kit, smores caddy, bonfire accessories, fire pit accessories Extra-long expandable accessory for roadting hotdog, weiner or marshmellow packs Does not include bar station supplies, marsmellow poker tools or kubo Order Now and take advantage of our Lifetime Money Back Guarantee If for any reason you aren’t fully satisfied, email us saying why. We will ship you a full refund or free replacement. Never deal with the hassle of returning to Amazon. We respond within 24 hours

Package Dimensions: 14.2 x 5.2 x 1.5 inches