KastKing Patented V15 Vertical Fishing Rod Holder – Wall Mounted Fishing Rod Rack, Store 15 Rods or Fishing Rod Combos in 18 Inches, Great Fishing Pole Holder and Rack

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Brand: KastKing

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  • KEY FEATURES - Store up to 15 fishing rods or fishing rod and reel combos in less than 18” of wall space – Innovative Patented Design (U.S. Patent No.7,237,685) fishing pole holder is easy to use – Easy installation with only 3 screws. Affordable Innovation.
  • STORE 15 RODS OR COMBOS – The KastKing V15 vertical fishing rod rack can store up to 15 rods or combos in less than 18 inches of horizontal wall space. Most other brands only store 6 combos in the same amount of space. Rods and combos can be mounted virtually anywhere along the length of the rod, permitting reels to be staggered at different heights for minimum storage space.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN – This innovative fishing pole rack is simple and easy to use. Simply push the rod firmly into either the large or small v-grooves until the polymer grip material grabs the rod. For additional stability, hang the rod with the thread wrapped line guides just above the v-groove. The tapered v-grooves can accommodate up to a ½” diameter rod with a reel attached. To remove your combo from the fishing rod rack simply grab the rod near the rod rack and pull straight out.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL – The KastKing V15 fishing rod holder is molded with tough amorphous polymer material which is resistant to heat, chemicals, and impact. The v-grooves are co-injected with a tacky thermoplastic polymer material to ensure rods and combos are held securely in your rack and doesn’t damage or mar your rods.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION – KastKing V15 fishing pole racks have 3 mounting holes. 2 outside holes are 16” on center for secure installation on standard-spaced wall studs. To install the rack, determine the correct mounting height for your poles, install one of the outer screws into a stud, level the rack and mark mounting holes, install anchor for center mounting hole, re-level rod rack, install and tighten all screws. The KastKing V15 fishing rod rack will organize your fishing gear and save space.

Part Number: KTAROMRR-V15BK1

Details: 用 KastKing V15 钓鱼竿和组合钓鱼竿支架整理您的钓鱼装备并节省宝贵空间。 V15 钓鱼竿架由耐用不生锈的非晶聚合物材料制成,耐化学腐蚀和耐热。 KastKing 在 V 形槽中同时注入一种粘性热塑性聚合物材料,使您的鱼竿牢固地固定在位,不会损坏表面。 这款独特的专利设计(美国专利第7,237,685)鱼竿支架允许您在极小的空间中存放多达 15 根鱼竿或组合,不超过 18 英寸。 关键特点是粘性聚合物 V 形槽,可以抓住并固定直径达 1.27 厘米的杆子。 这可以让您交错钓鱼竿架中的卷轴高度,从而减少用于存放钓竿和组合的墙壁空间。 大多数其他品牌的杆架只储存 6 个组合,空间相同。 在 V15 中存放鱼竿或鱼竿,简单方便。 只需将杆推入合适尺寸的 V 形槽中,直到粘性聚合物材料抓住杆。 要去除杆或组合,只需在架子附近抓住杆并直接拉出即可。 KastKing V15 钓鱼竿架仅安装 3 个螺丝。 两个外孔中心为 40.64 厘米,可牢固地安装到墙壁螺柱上。 安装简单快捷。 通过水平,确定您的杆的正确高度,安装一个螺丝到螺柱上,将架子水平,安装第二个螺丝到螺柱上,最后使用板岩锚安装中心螺丝。 如果您有有限的空间,需要整理您的钓鱼装备,那么这款超值的 KastKing V15 钓鱼竿和组合钓鱼竿支架正是您所需要的!

Package Dimensions: 17.5 x 3.1 x 1.9 inches